Welcome to TheGrendel.com where our mission is to be the undisputed, preferred provider for superior education and training to the screen printing industry. Home of the industry leading Comprehensive Screen Printing Workshop/ Class and the Screen Printing DVD Encyclopedia: a Video and Animated Technical Tutorial (see below).Whether you prefer live hands-on training, videos, or both, TheGrendel is here to help.

Read about our new Two-Day Grendel Method Screen Printing Class and our flagship service, the renowned Comprehensive Screen Printing Workshop and Class. See this section for more details.

Our inaugural training video is the Screen Printing DVD Encyclopedia: a Video and Animated Technical Tutorial. Like his three-day workshop/class, Douglas has created the single choice for anyone wanting a detailed screen printing video; the most up-to-date, comprehensive screen printing video set in the industry.

Our instructor is The Grendel's own screen printing educational expert and technical authority, Douglas Grigar. To send a note or question to Douglas, click doug@thegrendel.com

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